Teeth Grinding Treatment Scottsdale at Kora Aesthetics

Understanding Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common condition where you unconsciously clench, grind, or gnash your teeth. It can happen during the day or night, but nighttime bruxism is more common and often linked to stress, anxiety, or sleep disorders.

Game-Changing Treatments ForTeeth Grindingat Kora Aesthetics


Botox® is a well-established treatment for wrinkles and migraines, but did you know it can also be a game-changer for teeth grinding? Botox® injections temporarily relax the jaw muscles responsible for grinding, preventing the involuntary clenching and reducing associated pain.


Dysport™ is another neuromodulator like Botox®, but it works by blocking a different neurotransmitter. This makes it potentially effective for some people who don't experience optimal results with Botox®.

Comparing Botox® and Dysport™ forTeeth Grinding

Feature Botox® Dysport™
Onset of action 3-7 days 1-3 days
Duration of effects 3-4 months 3-4 months
Diffusion More targeted Spreads slightly more

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

Both Botox® and Dysport™ offer effective relief from teeth grinding, but the best option for you may depend on individual factors like your muscle tone, response to previous treatments, and desired results. Your experienced clinician at Kora Aesthetics will conduct a thorough evaluation and discuss your options to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Why Choose Kora for YourTeeth GrindingConcerns?

Expertise and Experience:

Our team boasts experienced clinicians with a deep understanding of teeth grinding and its impact. We'll personalize your treatment plan based on your unique needs and goals, ensuring optimal results.

A Range of Effective Treatments:

We offer more than just one-size-fits-all solutions. From targeted Botox® and Dysport™ injections to stress management techniques and lifestyle modifications, we tailor your treatment to address the root cause of your grinding.

Commitment to Comfort and Care:

We understand the discomfort and frustration associated with teeth grinding. We prioritize your comfort at every step, providing a warm, welcoming environment and attentive care.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Techniques:

We stay updated on the latest advancements in teeth grinding treatment, ensuring you receive the most effective and minimally invasive procedures available.

Personalized Consultation and Support:

Your journey to a grind-free future starts with a thorough consultation. We'll listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

A Focus on Your Well-being:

Ultimately, our goal is to help you reclaim your life from teeth grinding. We want you to sleep soundly, smile confidently, and experience overall improved well-being.

What Our Patients Says

Teeth Grinding FAQsat Kora Aesthetics

Our teeth grinding treatment typically involves the use of Botox or Dysport injections to relax the muscles responsible for grinding. This minimally invasive procedure aims to alleviate the symptoms associated with teeth grinding, providing relief for patients.

No, the teeth grinding treatment at Kora Aesthetics is generally well-tolerated and minimally painful. The procedure involves the use of small Botox or Dysport injections, and our skilled professionals take measures to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

The duration of the teeth grinding treatment's effectiveness can vary from person to person. On average, patients can experience relief for three to four months before considering a follow-up treatment. Our team will provide personalized guidance based on your unique needs.

Side effects are typically mild and temporary. Patients may experience slight bruising or redness at the injection site, but this should subside within a few days. Our team at Kora Aesthetics prioritizes your safety and will discuss any potential risks during the consultation.

Yes, one of the advantages of our teeth grinding treatment is that there is minimal downtime. You can generally resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, we advise avoiding strenuous exercise and massaging the treated areas for the first 24 hours to optimize results.

Together, Let's Erase The Grind And Restore Your Smile

Don’t let teeth grinding control your life. Contact Kora Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation with our expert team. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root of your problem and helps you achieve a pain-free, restful sleep.

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