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Understanding Hair Loss & Thinning

Hair loss affects millions of people globally, with various causes such as genetics, hormonal changes, stress, and medical conditions. Recognizing the underlying cause is crucial for choosing the most effective treatment approach.

Restoring Strength & Growth withPRF Treatment

PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin):

PRF harnesses the power of your own blood platelets, rich in growth factors, to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. Through a simple blood draw and specialized processing, PRF is injected into the scalp, targeting areas of thinning or loss.

PRFvs Other Treatments

Treatment Description Benefits
PRF Platelet-rich fibrin injections Natural, safe, stimulates hair growth, minimal downtime
Minoxidil Topical solution Affordable, effective for some, requires long-term use
Finasteride Oral medication Blocks DHT hormone, effective for male pattern hair loss, potential side effects
Hair Transplant Surgical procedure Permanent solution, more invasive, requires longer recovery

Ready to take the first step towards thicker, healthier hair?

Schedule a consultation with our expert aestheticians. They will assess your unique situation, underlying cause, and hair loss pattern to determine if PRF is the ideal solution for you.

Why Choose Korafor Your Hair Loss & Thinning concerns?

Individualized Treatment plans:

We tailor PRF to your unique needs and goals.

Expert Guidance:

Our experienced professionals ensure a safe and effective treatment experience.

Comfortable Environment:

Relax and rejuvenate in our spa-like setting.

Empowering Results:

Achieve the thicker, healthier hair you deserve and boost your confidence.

What Our Patients Says

Hair Loss & Thinning FAQsat Kora Aesthetics

Hair loss and thinning can have various causes, including genetics, hormonal changes, stress, medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, and even certain hairstyles. During your consultation at Kora Aesthetics, we'll work to identify the underlying cause for a personalized treatment plan.

At Kora Aesthetics, we offer the following evidence-based solution:

  • Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF): Utilizes your own blood platelets to stimulate hair growth naturally.

PRF is a versatile treatment for various hair loss concerns. However, a consultation with our aestheticians is crucial to assess your individual case, hair loss pattern, and suitability for PRF.

Most treatments at Kora Aesthetics have minimal side effects. PRF is generally well-tolerated, with potential for mild injection site discomfort that fades quickly. We discuss potential side effects in detail during your consultation.

The timeframe for noticeable results varies depending on the treatment and the severity of your hair loss. PRF typically shows improvement within 3-6 months, with results lasting up to 18 months with maintenance treatments. We'll provide estimated timelines and discuss long-term management strategies during your consultation.

Achieve Hair Loss Freedom in Sunny Scottsdale

Schedule a consultation at Kora Aesthetics today and regrow your hair & boost self-esteem.

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