Facial Slimming & Jawline Slimming – How it Works

Facial Slimming & Jawline Slimming - How it Works

If you think you have a round or too square face, you might want a Jawline slimming treatment. Not everyone appreciates a facial feature like a firm, square jawline. Those who want to give their faces a smaller, more feminine aspect have found great success with the jaw slimming procedure. 

This non-surgical slimming is a quick and efficient treatment. Let’s continue reading to know more about it and how it works.

Facial Slimming and Jawline Slimming

Facial & Jawline slimming is an easy, non-surgical method of bringing balance to the lower part of your face by changing the size and form of your jaw. This procedure can drastically change the appearance of your face. 

It lowers facial volume around the lower jaw. Muscle relaxants are injected beneath the skin to prevent the masseter muscle from contracting and visibly shrinking the face.

It will just take a few weeks for someone to transform from having a square, masculine jaw to a more narrow, oval face.

What Causes Square Jawline?

If you clench or grind your teeth while you sleep or awake, you have a condition known as bruxism. It is the medical word for unintentional jaw clenching and teeth grinding disorder. 

Masseter Muscles

The muscles attached at the angle of your jaw and in charge of all chewing motions are known as the masseter muscles. Some people’s typical anatomy includes powerful jaw muscles. Others, however, who suffer from the disorder bruxism, which involves excessive teeth grinding or clenching, have a square jawline.

Muscle cell expansion and proliferation are known as hypertrophy. The term “hypertrophy” describes an increase in muscular size brought on by exercise, but in the case of bruxism, by teeth grinding. 

A broader, square-shaped face results from the hypertrophic growth of the masseters. 

The masseter muscles become overworked and more evident due to repeated teeth grinding, changing the form of the lower face, and giving one a powerful “square-jawed” appearance along with additional uncomfortable and perhaps more dangerous symptoms.

Sleep Bruxism

There’s a sleep-related disorder that’s called “sleep bruxism.” It is when you clench or grind your teeth when sleeping. Sometimes it’s unclear why people grind their teeth. 

It is frequently related to:

  • sleep issues, including sleep apnea and snoring
  • stress and anxiety – the main factors that lead to tooth grinding
  • taking specific medications
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol
  • too much caffeine intake
  • taking drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy

Teeth grinding is prevalent in kids and teenagers, especially while they are sleeping. When they reach adulthood and their adult teeth erupt, it frequently comes to an end.

We grind and clench our teeth 70% of the time when we sleep, but it can also happen when we’re stressed out or trying to focus, like when we’re driving, reading, or watching TV.

How Does Jawline Slimming Work?

This Jawline slimming treatment is also called “masseter reduction.”

On each side of the face, small amounts of botulinum toxin are injected directly into the masseter muscles and dispersed throughout the muscles. The injected Botox aids muscular relaxation and lessens masseter hypertrophy and teeth grinding.

Following repeated treatments, botulinum toxin can dramatically alter the face’s structure by softening the Jawline’s look. For women in particular, who often desire high cheekbones and a clean jawline, a thinner jawline produces more prominent cheekbones and chin.

Most patients with botulinum toxin treatment say that their face and jaw have thinned, but voluntary movements like chewing and facial expressions are unaffected by the operation.

The operation is incredibly effective, with little to no pain or downtime. The facial and jaw’s effects might be observed anywhere between two and eight weeks.

What are the Benefits of Jawline Slimming?

A masseter reduction is an excellent option for those who want a more contoured appearance or believe that their face is excessively square or round. Their desire to have a face that is more slender and tiny is attainable.

The symptoms of bruxism, which include tooth sensitivity, headaches, and sore jaw muscles, may be alleviated with the Jawline slimming treatment. Again, the appearance of the hypertrophied or large jaw muscles, which can make a face appear overly square, will also be improved by treatment with muscle relaxing injections.


The patient is instructed to chew so the doctor can see the masseter muscle’s contour. The doctor applies ice before injecting botulinum toxin a few times into each masseter muscle on the face. 

Up to 8 weeks are needed for the muscle-relaxing injection masseter treatment to achieve full effect. After this treatment, you will have a follow-up appointment in 6 to 8 weeks, and the results will be evaluated.

There will be more injections suggested if the intended outcomes aren’t obtained. The patient should return every three to four months for the next two years if the desired results were achieved at this consultation.

After that, the patient then goes to a maintenance dose, which for some patients is a notably least amount.

You do not need to continue the treatments, but most patients will enjoy the outcomes and desire to do so. If you do not continue the treatments, it is feasible that over time the masseters may become bigger again, and the squarer Jawline will resurface

Side Effects or Complications

Even though they are scarce, bruising and headaches might occur due to masseter treatment. Among other concerns, additional treatment may be needed for the patient’s unequal or asymmetrical masseters or issues with smiling. When working with a well-trained professional, these side effects become rare.

Get the Jawline Slimming Results Now!

You must get a complete evaluation before starting the Jawline slimming treatment to ensure that the treatment will be suitable for your face. 

At Kora Aesthetics, we are offering non-surgical solutions with natural beauty in mind, including facial and Jawline slimming. It’s easy to inquire and book with us. You can just dial 480-630-7566 or email us @ info@koraaesthetics.com. You can visit us at 7077 E. Bell Road, Suite 200, Suite 404, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

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