How does my age affect my results from PRF microneedling?

PRF microneedling can deliver stunning results for individuals of all ages. However, your age can influence the outcome in a few ways:

  • Collagen Production: While PRF microneedling boosts collagen in anyone, younger individuals often have higher baseline collagen levels, potentially leading to faster and more visible results.
  • Skin Concerns: Age plays a role in the types of skin concerns you’re addressing. Younger patients might focus on prevention and overall glow, while mature skin benefits from treatment that targets wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and scarring.
  • Healing Time: Younger skin tends to heal slightly faster, which can shorten the downtime after PRF microneedling.

Regardless of age, PRF microneedling provides exceptional skin-boosting benefits. Your Kora Aesthetics practitioner will personalize your treatment plan for optimal results.

For more information about SkinPen PRF Microneedling, visit the main page here.

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